Our Priorities



We work at ground level in the world of floriculture. Our company work from the plantation of sonchafa till extraction of essence from flower.



Fertile lands are developed for plantation of Sonchafa from 1 Acre to 100 Acre by our expert team.



We manufactured essence from sonchafa flowers and export for manufacturing perfumes for perfume industry.



General Description

We introduce Sonchafa as orange champaka is evergreen broad leaf plant related to magnolia species. Sonchafa required well drained land and must has enough sunshine for quality flowers. it is found in Himalayan mountain in India and also in china. Now sonchafa is found in Maharashtra too. This tree are well known for its fragrant flowers it gives. Tree give more flowers from spring till winter. As per its age it looks beautiful rounded canopy.

Flowers are yellowish orange in color with sweet pleasant smell. Even you can find flower from a distance by its sweet fragrance. Scent of flower is strong at night.

Brain Chamber Technologies Pvt. Ltd is engaged in plantation of sonchafa plants. We work from plantation of sonchafa plant to extraction of essence from flower. Sonchafa flower has growing demand in local as well global market. Here extracted essence is costly and use for making perfume and essence sticks for perfume manufacturing industries. Once plantation of sonchafa is done it gives flower up to 25 to 30 years. Therefore it is one time investment for long period.

Sonchafa Cultivation

Plant are cultivated into well drained land and ingle pant is planted with distance of 7feet X 7feet. Here the pit size should be 60 cm * 60 cm before plantation. Land should be well prepared before plantation. WE can plant sonchafa at June it’s a better time for cultivation. Source of water is fulfilled with drip irrigation.

Plantation of Sonchafa (In Hectares)

  • 1 Hectare Land - 2.5 Acres
    Practically in 1 Acre land we can plant 560 trees. Single tree is planted by 7ft X 7ft distance between each in land. To complete its water need of each plant drip irrigation is important. After plantation of magnolia its start flowering from 6th month. Magnolia gives flower whole year means we can collect flowers 365 days. More flowers are collected in rainy season, July to August you can collect more quantity of flowers from plant. Water for each plant requirement is up to 5 liter per day.
  • Average flowers from single plant are 1200 flowers/Year.
  • A plant of the wet tropics and subtropics, also able to be grown in the warm temperate zone. It is found growing at elevations from near sea level to 2,100 metres It grows best in areas where annual daytime temperatures are within the range 30 - 37 °C , but can tolerate 10 - 47°c When dormant, the plant can survive temperatures down to about °c, but young growth can be severely damaged at °c It prefers a mean annual rainfall in the range 3,000 - 4,000mm, but tolerates 2,200 - 5,100mm Requires a sunny position in a moist but well-drained, deep, fertile, loamy to sandy soil Prefers a pH in the range 4.5 - 5.5, tolerating 4 - 6 Trees propagated from seed take 8 - 10 years to flower, whereas asexually propagated trees flower in 2 - 3 years.
  • We also supply trees to the cultivators along with some prior guidelines.


  • Basal dose:50 gram staramill,
  • After 2years: 250 gram staramill, 20 kg fym, 2kg vermicompost
  • Morning sunlight is useful for young plants.
  • Irrigation Method: Drip irrigation or Floud irrigation, whichever is possible.

  • The Team is Working Under Distance Agriculture System


    We have our own investments, resourceful sites and long term care detailing. We are expecting long term based investments with their additional supports.

    Current Project

    It has been started under the guidance of Brain Chamber Distance Agriculture team ( www.distanceagriculture.com ).


    Owner - Shrikant B. Ghatge
    Ghatge Sontali Farm,
    Sontali, at post - Wadanage
    Tal - Karveer, Dist - Kolhapur -416229,
    State - Maharashtra

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    It has been started under the guidance of Brain Chamber Distance Agriculture team ( www.distanceagriculture.com ). The process from soil testing to plantation was well defined and executed by the team. Dr. Milind Pishawikar is the owner of the land and cultivation site. Distance agriculture team works under Brain Chamber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The specific cultivation, site handling and marketing is the responsibility of Brain Chamber technologies Pvt. Ltd. Following are the pictures which describes how it has been started and what's going on right now.


    Owner - Dr. Milind Pishawikar
    Shenawade, Gagan Bawada Road
    Tal - Karveer, Dist- Kolhapur
    State - Maharashtra

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Tree

    Sonchafa Drip Irrigation

    Drip Irrigation

    Sonchafa Water Process

    Water Process